Thursday, August 11, 2011


i let aidan take the camera in the car. sigh.

self portraits-13

self portraits-15

self portraits-16

self portraits-21

self portraits-22

self portraits-23

the flash. lmao
self portraits-24

house poses.

self portraits-5

self portraits-6

i am really loving the ones A takes of me with S and R <3 self portraits-8

i need to crop my freckle 5head out of this.
self portraits-9

self portraits-10

self portraits-12

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


aidan took pics at the store on sawyer's bday morn
30 july-1

30 july-2

i took these ;)
30 july-3

30 july-4

this is the funniest pic evah of a kid who doesnt want to put on her buckle.
30 july-5

practicing portrait.

lol ok maybe not?
28 july-1

work that flash, girl.
28 july-2

28 july-3

ok to be fair - aidan, i love this one! haha
28 july-5

my long arms helped.
28 july-7

nice perspective, aidan.
28 july-8

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


ashley and lily came over yesterday. aidan took pics.
25 july-1

25 july-2

25 july-3

sawyer had just taken a shower. and she has a fuzzy in her hair.
25 july-4

i reaaaally need to take down those streamers. but hey - its like a party all the time!
25 july-5

25 july-6

a detail shot i think.
25 july-7

these arent upsidedown ;) aidan was taking pics while hanging backwards off the couch. creative, i say!
25 july-8

25 july-9


im going to hate this blog bc i look craptastic in all the pics. lol but alas. here's aidan's from sunday :)

24 july -1

i was taking the pic thats on the header LOL
24 july -3

24 july -2

24 july -4

i really need to wear make up - even when im pukey.
24 july -5

24 july -6

looking at our lasagna. lol thanks for the fingerprints.
24 july -7

i took this with her camera. she had on overalls that I HAD when i was her age.
24 july -8

Thursday, July 21, 2011

day 1.

cobalt. i never take pics of the dogs so good for aidan.
21 july-1

fill the frame? lol look at sawyer's growl.
21 july-2

myspace pic! ;) she took this one herself.
21 july-3

cheesy reese.
21 july-4

oh dear.
21 july-5

pose. POSE!!
21 july-6

maybe she meant to do this?
21 july-9

21 july-10

ok i took this one lol
21 july-8